Cosmic Fog Enshrouds the Oasis!

Cosmic Fog Enshrouds Vape Oasis — And We're Loving It!A delightfully luscious Cosmic Fog has enshrouded our Oasis — and our customer’s love it!

Hurry down to try out these awesome new flavors. Delight your senses. Surprise your taste buds. Here’s our best effort to share the delight, but nothing matches the experience. When can you get here? 🙂

The faves so far include: Kryptonite (Melon & Candy), Church (Sundae of Vanilla, Hot Fudge & Banana), Milk & Honey (Marshmallow with Milky Honey) and Cola Gummy!

The sample counter is open. Come on in and “feel the fog” and find out what all the buzz is about.

And remember … Friends help friends discover that there’s a better alternative to smoking.

Vape On!

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