January Top 10 Sellers — We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat!

Top 10 eJuices for January 2014Your votes count! In January, we looked at all our eJuice sales and found that these 10 rocked San Clemente and the OC at Vape Oasis.

This month’s #1 spot went to “Jaws” who’s name tends to spark memories of the classic Spielberg movie of the great white attack shark — remember the line by Chief Brody: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” But I digress…

Back to the Top 10 … United Vapors’ big winner clearly deserves to be part of a cloudmaker’s collection of favorite blends, because it vapes impressively big clouds with a delightfully light sweetness of a giant jawbreaker.

If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by and give it a taste. Discover why so many keep coming back to Vape Oasis jonesin’ for Jaws…and maybe log into your NetFlix and watch the classic movie “Jaws” just for the added effect. 🙂

1. Jaws — Hold Fast
2. Mutiny — Hold Fast
3. Revolver — United Vapors
4. Strawberry Margarita — Hookafina
5. Insignia — United Vapors
6. All American — United Vapors
7. Pirate’s Booty — Hold Fast
8. Hoops — Alpha Vapors
9. General — United Vapors
10. Belgian Breakfast — Black Label

Which is your favorite?  Get your #1 into the top spot! Tell your friends about your favorite flavors and Vape Oasis. Then watch your favorites climb the charts. Join the fun at Vape Oasis in San Clemente / Capo Beach — The friendliest vape shop in the OC.

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