City of San Clemente Votes Down e-cigarette Ban

To vape or not to vapeLast year the State of California’s Air Quality Management District (AQMD) threatened to declare beach fire pits illegal because of their health dangers. They argued that the pollution was harming the health of millions and threatened our local ecology, too. But after a strong and well-organized response by beach-loving families and activists, the AQMD backed down, leaving us all free to use our local fire pits — from Califia to Capo Beach.

This year vaping takes the stage as the new boogie man for overreaching regulators and uninformed politicians to attack. Never to miss an opportunity to tell adults how to live, politicians in major cities across the U.S. have decided to treat vaping as if it were the same as cigarettes.

Like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, our beach community of San Clemente took a closer look at regulating vapers. The city’s Parks and Recreation department had already made the unanimous recommendation to ban the devices citing unfounded fears that the devices promoted smoking and marijuana use. But three council members, Mayor Tim Brown, Bob Baker and Chris Hamm, however, rejected the ban.

Brown said prohibiting the devices was “a bridge too far.” Baker and Hamm both added that they had friends who use e-cigarettes and shared how the devices have helped them curtail smoking.

So on April 3, 2014 the City of San Clemente took the reasonable course of action and voted down the overreaching restrictions.


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