June 2014: The Top 10 Favorite Vape Juice Flavors in San Clemente

Top 10 Favorite Vape Juice Flavors in San CLemente — June 2014June 2014’s — vape juice / eJuice / eLiquid / nicotine liquid — champion continues its unbeatable popularity: And it’s still Jaws! — the undisputed champion, according to the purchasing decisions of our customers: The cognoscenti of San Clemente, Talega, Capo Beach, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano:

  1. Jaws (by Hold Fast) — Repeat Champion 4 months in a row
  2. Kryptonite (by Cosmic Fog) — Steady again at #2, but only by a whisker
  3. Milk & Honey (by Cosmic Fog) — Steady at #3, but nearly surpassing Kryptonite for the 2nd slot
  4. Pluto (by Space Jam) — Steady at #4
  5. Andromeda (by Space Jam) — Continues its climb up into the #5 spot
  6. Mutiny (by Hold Fast) — Down one position to #6
  7. Breeze (by Omega Vape) — Slipped down one spot to #7
  8. Unicorn Porn (by Juice Man) — *** First time ranked in the Top 10 *** and rising to the #8 spot
  9. The Dude (by Alpha Vapors) — Slipped down two spots to #9
  10. Strawberry Margarita (by Hookafina) — *** Returns to the Top 10 *** reappearing at the #10 spot

Upcoming Trending Flavors:

Beyond the popular Top 10, there are many other intriguing flavors that continue to capture the attention of our Cloudmasters and local clientele. The three most noteworthy vape juices this June were: Cin City (by Juice Man), Hoops (by Alpha Vapors) and Pair of Deuces (by Villain Vapors).

So, stop by in July and keep all these great choices in mind. We have well over 100+ flavors, so you can easily discover something fresh and new that’s perfect for you.

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